Pipework systems
The Petzold GmbH & Co.KG is the reliable partner, for both national and international shipyards, ship repairing companies and shipowning companies. It does not matter if the ship is ashore, afloat and ashore or offshore, our long-time experience reflects a high level of our know-how in working on pipework and fire-fighting systems.
We are constructing pipework systems made of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and different synthetic materials. The choice of the materials depends on the different possible-use of pipework systems and the demand of the customer, indifferent if the pipework system is needed for supply or disposal.
Extract of our scope of supply and services:
Reinstallation or repair of pipework systems on every type of ship, including pre-fabrication and logistic:
  • supply and disposal systems
  • hydraulic systems
  • ballast-systems
  • combustible systems
  • air-, fill- and sounding-pipes
  • suction excavator-systems
  • bulkhead master-key systems
  • piping of firezones